Massage Therapy Services

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Relaxation Massage

Our therapists combine Swedish massage techniques to deliver a soothing experience to reduce stress & muscle fatigue. 

One Hour $65

90 Minutes $95


Hot Stone Massage

An ultra therapeutic massage using heated stones over your areas of concern, combined with Swedish massage techniques.

One Hour $80  

90 Minutes $110


Prenatal Massage

A specialty massage designed for the mommy-to-be.  This service safely provides relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy.

One Hour $75

90 Minutes $105


Deep Tissue Massage

Our therapists combine Swedish massage with advanced techniques to target specific issues & knots deep down. 

One Hour $75

90 Minutes $105


Sports Massage

A post-event style sports massage.  Therapists will use active & passive stretching, kneading and pulling to ease muscles after an event.

One Hour $75  

90 Minutes $105


Thai Yoga Massage

A traditional Thai yoga massage performed on a comfy Thai mat, fully clothed. 

90 Minute Service $110

Massage Package Deals

3 One Hour Massages

 $150 Relaxation   $180 Deep Tissue

3 90 Minute Massages

$210 Relaxation

$240 Deep Tissue


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